Take Me In, Tender Woman

A series inspired by the iconic Northern Soul track The Snake by Al Green, and informed by an abstract feeling about the female social media experience.

Colourful food


Italian Hilltop Towns


The Telegraph

Editorial work for The Telegraph Magazine.

Patti, Siouxsie, Debbie

Portraits of punk women. Personal project.

The Observer


Could poorer women become exploited by fertility tourists? An editorial illustration in the Observer, to accompany an article about surrogacy by Catherine Bennett.




The beauty of sushi. Personal project.




Six iconic cockails, reimagined with illustrated ingredients lists.


People of London


Personal project. I sit in cafes sometimes and sketch the people who walk past, with digital colouring later.


Time Out New York

For Time Out NY I drew a series of illustrations about the perils of modern dating in the city, from dodgy food choices, to ignoring your date in favour of your phone.


Brummell Magazine


A double page spread illustration of the exquisite Rolex GMT Master, for luxury men’s magazine Brummell.

sarahtanatjones-Beau Rolex final-web.jpg

Financial Times


An illustration for the Financial Times' Book Review. The book, A State of Freedom by Neel Mukherjee, is a collection of short stories about Indian society.


Vogue Jewels


An illustration for Vogue Magazine about how to choose a modern engagement ring.


Washington Post


I illustrated an article about Divas for the cover of Arts & Style in the Washington Post. I think I scored the jackpot in terms of subject matter here. My lifelong love of sequins could finally be expressed in my illustration.

Thanks to AD Michael Johnson.




A little animation about my favourite time / place of the year, Sussex on Bonfire Night.


Financial Times

An editorial illustration about the 2018 standoff between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un.